Posted by: Shareeke The Conscious Spender | November 4, 2010

Free piggy bank

Preschoolers are so smart! They go from using a bottle to drinking out of a sippy cup. We teach them how to do so many things. To use the potty on their own, say their ABCs but why aren’t we teaching them about money? So today, I’ve decided to give away 50 FREE piggy banks to parents of 2-5 year olds who are willing to commit to my Piggy Bank Pledge. Email me at and in return for your commitment, I will send you a piggy bank with your pledge. Once you receive the piggy bank it will include some action steps to help you start creating healthy money habits with your child. I know once again your thinking I’m nuts. I’M NOT! Child developmental experts say kids are ready to learn about money by the age of 4 years old. Actually, before you begin teaching your child about money they have already began learning about money from your spending habits and the media.

Why is the piggy bank important? It is a tremendous tool that parents can use to teach their child the fundamental skills of saving and spending. Even as an adult, I fill my Winnie the Pooh bank shown below with my loose change throughout the year. When it is full, I deposit the money in the bank. You should see me smiling as if I put a million dollars in there. These are the habits we want to create in children. How to save for a rainy day or for a special item! So sign the piggy bank pledge for your child and start creating healthy finance habits with them today!

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Free sites for kids and money information

 Thrive By Five

Nick Jr.

*One piggy bank per family to the first 50 people to email me*



  1. I want to start showing my just turned two years old son how to start saving money….

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