Posted by: Shareeke The Conscious Spender | January 13, 2011

Plan,Purpose, and Prosper

As we transition from 2010 into the newness of 2011, I urge you to embrace something different, bold and new. The resolution list you created, tear it up! Instead, declare 2011 as your year of great prosperity.

In the past, at the beginning of every New Year most people write out a laundry list of all the wonderful things they plan on accomplishing throughout the year, yet these things are never seen through to fruition. This year, I challenge you to invest energy into achieving your 2011 financial goals. For example, one of my goals is to intensify the financial consciousness of families, and children alike. Therefore I am naming 2011, the year of Family Prosperity. Now, what steps can you take to achieve your 2011 goals?

 Plan, Purpose and Prosper

Plan: Put the words who, what, when, where, how and why in place.  What do I mean by this? Every time your money is being utilized analyze questions such as, WHERE is my money being spent and WHO is the recipient of my money? WHY is it important that I spend my money now?  Or even better, HOW will this assist my family achieve its short and long term financial goals?Like with any plan, you may have “bumps” in the road that changes your course of action. A family emergency may arise, which redirects all your hard work or reduces your savings account. Nevertheless, just like we teach our children, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again! Quitting is NOT an option! Instead, dust yourself off and start again on your path to accomplishing your set goals.

Purpose: This is a key step, in order to have a successful commitment to a prosperous 2011. Just reflect back on a goal you took seriously. Last year, you wanted to buy your first house. What did you do to reach this goal? You searched and identified the style of home, noted a desired price range, then prepared yourself for the actual purchase of the home, by doing the following pertinent things: You put your mental plan into action. You cleaned up your credit. You worked longer hours at your job. You saved for your down payment and closing costs. You shopped for a cheaper home. You strategized a plan to ensure that you had all the necessary documents and money the bank would require. Do you know why you were so steadfast and victorious in the end? It’s because you had a “WHY.” We do this all the time for much smaller goals such as a nice purse or a television.  This WHY was your determination to “fight on” and visualize your purpose to its successful conclusion. This year, write out your purpose for wanting to have financial success. Use this, as your motivation when you get off track.

Prosper:  Does this happen in a “blink of an eye?” The answer is NO! You will  PROSPER and SOAR only when YOU decide that YOU want more in life, stay focused, stay determined and make better conscious decisions to create prosperity in your life. 2011 will be your year of Prosperity if you chose to be conscious in your decision making. Plan, determine your Purpose and then watch your family’s finances overflow with Prosperity.  


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