Posted by: Shareeke The Conscious Spender | April 10, 2011

Who knew?

Day 10:  Who knew?

Before I went off to college, my mother gave me a few laundry lessons. Like most people, I ruined a few items while learning Laundry 101. This was due to the fact that I failed to separate the clothes properly by color and texture. I even shrunk a few pieces of clothing along the way, during this learning process. Now, did my mom realize that she was teaching me more than just a lesson in laundry? Probably not! She didn’t realize that she was educating me on how to save money. Hence, the more you take the time to wash your clothes correctly and with due care, the more money you will save and be able to add to your bank account.

As I thought about this important laundry lesson, a “light bulb” came on in my head and I began to reflect on the sewing lessons, I received over the years. When I make minor alterations on my clothes, I keep money in my bank account. How? When I make minor alterations on my clothes, I give less money away to the nearby dry cleaners. So, the next time you are doing laundry remember you are not just washing clothes, but instead you are investing in yourself and negating that needless trip to the mall.  

If you are in need of some helpful clothing care instructions:

P.S. Thanks Mommy!!!!

Consciously serving you,

Shareeke Edmead-Nesi The Conscious Spender


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