Posted by: Shareeke The Conscious Spender | April 16, 2011

Financial Light

Day 15:  Your financial light

This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine! I really love this song. I’m sharing this song with you, so that it will inspire you to be an inspiration to others. From the time you commenced this journey till now,  you have made some financial changes or a financial shift in your life. Your mindset is totally different. You’ve even created an emergency fund. Now that your financial life is organized, have you shined your financial light on someone, in order to uplift them. Changing your financial life is great; I applaud your efforts, but don’t be selfish and keep all this valuable information to yourself. Instead, be a financial light for someone else. Show at least one person, the steps that you’ve taken to improve and mold your financial life. This light will not only inspire that individual, it will inspire a child to be financial rock star, just like you!

P.S. Don’t forget to tell them about my blog and about THE CONSCIOUS SPENDER!

Consciously serving you,

Shareeke The Conscious Spender


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