Posted by: Shareeke The Conscious Spender | April 19, 2011

Go Green!

Day 19: Go Green and Save Big!
It’s time for you to think more consciously, by doing things more efficiently and more cost effectively.  Do your part and Go Green! Do a few simple things and save thousands of dollars over a lifetime. 
Start taking public transportation or carpooling to work a few days out of the week. Check the tire pressure on your car tires at least every two weeks, ride your bike and walk to nearby places, in order to create a healthier lifestyle through exercise and decrease air pollution.
Buy local produce, in order to extend your life.Reuse grocery bags and recycle your newspapers, cans and bottles, in order to help with the environment.
Utilize energy efficient light bulbs, insulate your home, turn off lights not in use and adjust that thermostat, in order to decrease your monthly electric bill.
Check to see if there are any visible leaky faucets in your house and if so have them fixed, in order to reduce the water bill.   
Finally, compost your trash, plant trees and let clothes that can, air dry; let nature’s air “help” do your laundry.
Go Green and Save Big!
Spend Consciously,
Shareeke The Conscious Spender

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