Posted by: Shareeke The Conscious Spender | April 23, 2011

Dating Cost

Day 22: Dating Cost
Financial Literacy Month is beginning to wind down, but it’s just really commencing for me!
Let’s spice things up a little bit and talk about the Hot topic of Dating. I know what you’re thinking, How does a financial blog and dating correlate? Well, when you date someone whether short or long term you will spend money . So, just like with every other aspect of your finances, in the area of dating you need to establish a budget. Prior to formatting your budget, ask yourself a few initial questions. How much money can I truly afford to spend on this person? What is my overall dating goal with this person? By no means am I a dating expert, but I am talking from experience.
Knowing prior to the date, what you’re looking to achieve from the date will save you tons of money. Recently, one of my friends shared a personal dating story with me. I am still laughing about the story. My friend met a young lady took her to an expensive restaurant and showed her a great evening. By the end of the evening, he stated he wanted a REFUND. WHY? He chose to spend $400 on dinner and entertainment for that night; then realized he never wanted to call her again. Prior to the date, my friend should have generated a conscious dating plan. He should have pondered questions such as, What qualities does she possess that makes me want to take her out? What’s my intended budget? If he would have consciously planned his date, he would have taken her to a more moderate priced restaurant and decided if this is someone  that was worth investing more into. Prior to doing anything in life, you must establish a conscious plan. Preplanning will save you lots of money every time!
P.S. I am teaching my 11 year old nephew this now. By no means, do I want him to feel like he has to spend lots of money on a person in order to make them like him. CHILDREN need to know.
Spend Consciously,

Shareeke The Conscious Spender

Just like my parents were an example for me, be an example for a child. Creating a money smart child will change the world in more ways than you can imagine.


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