Posted by: Shareeke The Conscious Spender | April 25, 2011

Money Date

Day 25: Money Date

Someone once said, “You don’t know where you’re going, if you don’t know from where you came.” Today, I want you to review your finances. After reviewing where you are today, plan for your future. Prior to starting your first money date, think about your financial dreams. Transfer your dreams into reality by making them a part of your date night.

How do you Guide and Direct your Money Flow?:

First, “Make a Date With Your Money!” Take ownership of your money. Pick a day this week that’s convenient (the weekend usually works for those, who work a 9-5 shift during the week) and put EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING that has to do with money on the table. If you are single, married or have a significant other this exercise is worth completing. Couples should perform this exercise together.

The Past and Now to the Future:

Go through in detail how much money you earned and where did it go. How much money did you spend and what did you spend your money on this year? Where did you invest or save? Did you have any life changes, such as a new home or birth of a new child? Did your work hours increase and now you have to pay for aftercare? Make sure you include that $5 Starbucks coffee you “must have” every morning. IF IT HAS A DOLLAR VALUE IT NEEDS TO BE ON THE TABLE IN FRONT OF YOU!

 Okay, enough of the past! Let’s prepare for the future! What plans are you making? Are you going to make a big purchase this year? Are you adding to your family or getting a new pet? Do you plan on putting your child in football, karate, music or dance classes? What about that vacation you were thinking about taking? Are you re-enrolling in school or starting a new business venture? Based on what you have and make will you be able to do all the things that you want to do? Tough decisions may have to be made. All of these things, along with other items you need to seriously think about, while you are on your “MONEY DATE!” 

Setup your date tonight!

Spend Consciously,

Shareeke The Conscious Spender  

Just like my parents were an example for me, be an example for a child. Creating a money smart child will change the world in more ways than you can imagine.



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