Posted by: Shareeke The Conscious Spender | May 23, 2011

Teaching Kids How To Be Stylish and Chic On a Budget

 Stylish and Chic On a Budget

Kids nowadays are so “bogged down” by the media, celebrities and TV shows to the point they feel like they have to have what’s hot, Right Now!  What they don’t take into consideration is how much these things cost.  Style is what you make it!  So, if you know as a parent that you can’t afford that expensive Balenciaga bag Beyonce had in the Seventeen Magazine, don’t try to buy it in spite of your finances. Instead, find a way to show them that it’s ok to live within their means.

For example: Tell them, “Hey, that Balenciaga bag is gorgeous, but what about this beautiful leather Michael Kors bag with these amazing gold grommets at TJMaxx and guess what…we can put it on hold for 30 days along with a few other things you may like.”  You’re showing them: 1.You always have to be realistic with yourself and about your financial status. 2. You’re showing them that you can get great quality for a great price. 3. You’re showing them how to be responsible (Make them pay a small amount of the bill with their own money). After the purchase go home and balance out your checkbook. By doing these basic steps, your child will have a visual and mere understanding of how spending frivolously can deplete your account. In other words, you are teaching them to always be mindful of everything they spend.

Aside from having TJMaxx as a shopping alternative, there are other stores and ways you can teach your children how to be stylish while on a budget.  One way is to never shop retail, instead always look for great bargains! Make it fun; go online with your kids and research who has the best deals out there. Give them an incentive: If you find a store that has a better deal than mine, that’s 20 bucks, added to your shopping budget. Teach them how fun it is to go thrift shopping and show them all the fun things they can do with their findings. For example: You can take a chic wool coat and add your own cool buttons to it or add faux/real leather patches to the elbow of the sleeve, etc.  (These types of things can be done with both girls and boys).

Other bargain shopping places:



Burlington Coat Factory


Discount Outlets



And anywhere that’s having a great sale. Don’t forget to HAVE FUN!


Guest Article by,

Tameka “Meek” Mclean

Wardrobe Consultant/Personal Stylist


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