Posted by: Shareeke The Conscious Spender | October 10, 2012

Have you made the choice to LEAD financially?

“Example is not the main thing in influencing others; it is the only thing.” 

Albert Schweitzer

When children are born, parents begin their most important role; LEADER.

Instantaneously, parents are being monitored. As the little precious child open their eyes, they start to observe every move that their parents and other important family members in their lives make.

Each parent starts establishing a foundation for their child, as they work on improving themselves.

From the first moment I held my nephew in my arms, my life changed. Instinctively, I began thinking of all the different ways I wanted to impact his life positively. Every paycheck that I received, I saved $10 for him.  Then, one day I decided to take him to the bank, in order to show him how to save money. He was 4 years old, when he had his first banking experience.  As I reminisce about that time, I remember the patience and time I took to teach my nephew this valuable lesson. I have made a choice to assume my role as a leader in his life; I set a great example for my nephew and laid down the financial foundation for him.

Now, whether you realize it or not you are your children’s first financial role model. Therefore, you need to lay down the financial foundation for them. What things do you do to lead your children towards creating healthy finances? Do your children assist you as you search for deals on various items that you seek? Have you discussed with your children how you invest in their future through 401k or other investments? Here are a few activities that you can do to positively influence your children’s financial success.


  1. As a family, pick a charity to donate your time and money. Ensure that it is a cause that the whole family is passionate and interested in learning about more. Oftentimes, things that your family has dealt with can be a great segway towards choosing a cause.
  2. Create a conscious saver by making a game out of saving. Tally points in the house for the family member that has found the most savings in a month. This is a great motivation tool, as you develop the conscious spender in your child.
  3. Teach children how to invest by showing them your investments. Discuss the reasons why you chose each company or a house.

As a parent you’re the leader and your child’s eventual success partly depends on your example. Instead of just talking about the things they should do, show them by being the example. The eventual success creation for your child actually leads to your success today.

Until next time,

Be the person that you would love for your child to become.


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