Posted by: Shareeke The Conscious Spender | April 14, 2011

Get Moving!

Day 13:Get Moving!

Your health is your wealth!

In order to be wealthy you must first be healthy. If you’re sick, you can’t enjoy life to the fullest. Instead, you’ll spend all of your time trying to stay alive. Have you ever noticed that when you don’t feel well, you get lazy and you don’t feel like being very active. You don’t feel like doing much of anything, but sleep, watch television or eat food. This is very unhealthy! This leads to you wasting time, doing nothing, and weight gain. Not Healthy! As you know “Time is Money,” so instead, of letting time slip away, why not take 15 to 30 minutes out of schedule and do a light workout? This type of stimulation will give you that zest that you need to get up and go, to earn that money. In other words, being healthy means you are investing in yourself and encouraging yourself to go out an “Earn That Money.” As you know, “Earning Money,” is a key factor in creating your financial success.
Check out First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Campaign video, featuring Beyonce, and then after viewing “Get Moving Towards Your Successful Financial Future!”  

As always be a financial rock star for a child!

Consciously serving you,

Shareeke The Conscious Spender


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